Philipp – Egyptian styled loft in a old haymow (huge horse farm)

built with all E/SPs up to Showtime | no custom content | enough room for up to 8 Sims or 6 horses (game limitation: 10 playable characters per lot)

lot size 50x50 | unfurnished main farm house | huge barn with 6 stables including a dam/foal and a breeding (game object) box | horse jumping training area | fully furnished Egyptian styled loft in the haymow of the horse barn | 2 parking spaces | garden with planted carrots and apple trees


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Detailed Information

unfurnished main farm house with two floors and basement | downstairs with kitchen, dining area, living room, guest toilet | upstairs with master room, 2 privat rooms, 1 bathroom | basement in the foundation with laundry/bath and 3 1/2 rooms

loft for two persons | all rooms Egyptian styled | spacious open cooking, dining, living area | seperated guest toilet, laundry, bathroom | bed upstairs
Story of this lot and therefore the explanation for the combination of a farm and an Egyptian styled loft: Son worked for years as an inventor at Al Simhara when his parents ask him to help them with their horse farm. They grew old and could not manage it anymore alone asking him to come home. He decided it's time for a big change, quit his job and packed up all his collected Egyptian furniture and valuables. The main farm house seemed to small for all his stuff but the old heymow has not been used within years. He decided to use it as a loft. After finishing the loft and moving in his parents asked if he would mind them traveling the world and visiting all his brothers and sister. He did not mind. He just loved to breed and work with the horses and finally found his true destiny.


The lot has been built in Appaloosa Plains:
Lot consists of farm house, barn and horse jumping course:


This lot was built for a contest, here you can find more pictures of the loft; some impressions:

Main farm house

Outside View

Downstairs - floor plan

Upstairs - floor plan

Basement - floor plan

Horse stable


Horse boxes

floor plan

more pictures of the loft on the (german) contest site

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