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simension-wilwo-und-lohWilWo is playing The Sims since The Sims 1 was published. His Sims are allowed to hang out and party, only seldom they need to experience the serious side of life. WilWo’s priorities are website administration, testing, gaming, meshing, music making.

loh ist playing The Sims since The Sims 2 – University. She got to know them on WilWo screen and was first unappreciative to be followed shortly afterwards by fascinated. Her Sims are always stressed and working to their max. loh’s priorities are texting, testing, fotoshooting, building and texturizing.

simension is a German The Sims game guide
About 5 years ago we started as a Sims 3 tutorial site and quickliy changed into a The Sims game guide. Since september 2014 we are working on our Sims 4 game guide. We are not going to publish any more English Content here at But we started our international website at where we provide our custom content for the Sims 4. You are welcome to visit us there as well!

You can find all of our English Content here:

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We spend a lot of creativity and time producing our content to offer our audience an unique and satisfying experience. Please respect our work!

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Sims update aggregator sites and link collections including forums are allowed to link our tutorials or downloads and show their pictures. They are even to deeplink the pictures though not the download file itself. Thank you for your promotion!

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