Tutorial: Residential lot with routable pavilion

include a fully walkable pavilion in your residential lot as butterfly or tropical hall and so on; EP Late Night is required

German version - Tutorial: Wohngrundstück mit EA-Glaskuppel

The glassy pavilion is a community object. Building a residential lot, you won't find it in any build or buy catalogue. But you can use it on a residential lot, just take a detour:

  • Decide for an emty lot, size should be 60x60 or up, the object itself is 51×57.
  • Change the lot type into community, it doesn't matter which subtype you choose.
  • Enter the lot in Build Mode.
  • Go to Community objects > Buildings and choose the Butterfly Pavilion from the Late Night EP (click the picture to enlarge it). Place the Butterfly Pavilion on your lot.
    Attention(!) it looks extremely similar to the Landgraab Industries Science Dome, but this one is not walkable!
  • Leave the lot and Edit Town.
  • Change the lot type of your lot to residential. See... the pavilion stays where you put it!
  • Enter your lot again in Build Mode.
  • Build your house, include a basement using the Basemtens tool and add a tunnel to your basement leading from outside to inside the pavilion.
  • Place stairs on both ends of the tunnel. You may need to place the pavilion temporarely somewhere else on the lot to bringt the stairs into postion. You might even need the Cheat moveobjects on to put the pavilion back into place.
  • Do not delete the pavilion by accident! If it happend anyways - undo or change the lot type again and get it back.
  • It's better to test the tunnel and stairs with a Sim at this point.
  • Finish your lot.

Congratulations - you placed a glassy pavilion on your residential lot!

It's your turn!

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