Tutorial: Outside stairs with wall under them 4

tricking the build mode in Sims 3 into providing a wall unter outside staircases

German version - Tutorial: Außentreppen mit Untermauerung

You may wonder how our houses for download have all these outside stairs with a wall filling the gap under it. The game doesn't provide this wall by itself when putting stairs from a foundation to the ground. You need a trick to get the wall:

A wall under a stair is only provided, when the stair is placed into a room completely enclosed with walls. There is not a single piece of foundation allowed in the enclosement - this piece would cause the game to withheld the wall and offer only the typical gap.
Another point is, that walls are only provided for multiples of 4 steps stairs, thus only 4, 8, 12 and 16 steps stairs can have a wall under them. Let's have a look, how to get our wall under outside stairs!

Outside stairs without wall look ugly in many circumstances:

Delete as many foundation pieces as you need and build walls all around the postion of your stairs. You need at least one square distance where you want to keep the stairs wall. Level your walls with the cheat constrainfloorelevation false and the terrain leveling tool to give it the hight of the foundation. place floortiles for the stairs:
With walls all around the stairs placement spots you'll get the desired walls:

Delete all construction walls. Be sure not to delete wanted stairs walls. Replace your temporarely deleted foundations and use wallhangings:
Congratulations - you tricked the build mode into providing walls under outside stairs!

By the way - same trick can be used to give stairs in foundation basements a wall.

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