Tutorial: Building and testing community lots directly from live mode

community lots should be tested while being constructed to make sure everything works as intended, safe time building and testing them directly from live mode

German version - Tutorial: Gemeinschaftsgrundstücke im Live-Modus (um)bauen und testen

Constructing community lots can include unusual building ideas. Using the cheat moveobjects on alone can lead to Sims denying the interaction with important objects. Building with foundations and basements can cause access problems. There are truly a lot possibilities to anger Sims and keep them from rating your lot as good as you thought it to be.

You better include some testing in your building progress. Make sure your Sim accepts all of your suspect constructions before building the next one. Otherwise you may end up with Sims denying cooperation.

With all this neccessary testing it would be a pain to do it with working in edit town mode. Use edit town only to turn your desired lot into a community lot of the correct type. Do the actual building directly from live mode: Choose a family - this should not be your favourite game play family. We will tinker with the household money.
You have the option to build the lot in the same spot in a fresh world and transfer it afterwards to keep timelines and beloved households untouched.

Enter live mode. Open the cheat console and type testingcheatsenabled true. Zoom into the empty community lot and shift-leftclick the lot ground. With the active testingcheat you will get three options: "Teleport me here", "Buy/Build On This Lot". Choose buy or build, this will open the lot in the chosen mode. While bing in one of both modes you can safely switch between them. For all you buy or build now your familiy will be charged. If you ran out of money, add another 50,000 Simoleons with entering the cheat motherlode.

If you want to test a part of your construction, enter live mode via Icon and direct a Sim of your household to the community lot. Using the shift-leftclick-option "teleport here" makes it a fast arrival. To keep the family happy during the hole building process shift-leftclick their mailbox and choose "Make Needs Static".

Starting to use this method let you forget the shift-leftclick-buy/build option at the beginning. You will find yourself in buy/build mode of your family lot then - practice makes perfect! Building and testing community lots becomes as easy as building and testing a residential lot. Have fun!

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